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Production process

Productive process

Design and creativity

Thanks to our crew and our samplers we collaborate with our customers to design and create the products, and we produce it according to their needs. Our items are produced with high quality certified and guaranteed threads, with the newest synthetic fibres (Nylon, Lycra, microfibre). The whole production is regularly checked during the despeckling phase in order to save time and meet delivery deadlines.

Many different items

Our lab includes 80 circular knitting LONATI machines, with 340, 362, 382, 384, and 402 needle cylinders. We can meet any special request and produce the requested tights within the deadline agreed. Our range of products includes:
  • basic tights, pop-socks and socks (vanise’, ricoperti, stretch.....)
  • microfibre and multifibre tights and socks
  • micro 3D tights and leggings
  • maternity tights in different types and deniers
  • push-up tights with control top
  • tights with control top
  • patterned tights, pop-socks and socks
  • stay-ups in different types and deniers
  • tights for girl and baby in different types

Complete production process

Bombana can offer the products at different production stages, from raw knitted items to sewn, packaged and ready-for-sale items, with customizable details.
Pair a day

Private label production

We have an important machinery park that is able to produce and deliver socks and tights in the pre-set times.