Made in Italy tights production

Design and creativity

Thanks to an expert staff, we design and create together with our customers the desired product and manufacture it according to their requirements. We are able to create products with the highest quality, certified and guaranteed yarns, also using recently introduced synthetic fibers (Nylon, Lycra, microfibers). All production is systematically checked during the knitting stage to avoid loss of time and to be able to meet delivery dates without problems.

Lots of different articles

Our laboratory consists of 80 LONATI circular machines, with cylinders of 340, 362, 382, 384, 402 needles. We are able to meet the most special requests and produce the required pantyhose within the stipulated time. In the range of products we can produce we find basic tights, knee-highs and stockings, microfiber and multifiber pantyhose and stockings, micro 3D pantyhose and leggings, maternity pantyhose of various types and deniers, body shaping tights and push-up.

Complete manufacturing process

Calzificio Bombana srl, is able to deliver the products in different stages of production, from raw stained item to dyed or sewn, packaged and ready for sale, with the possibility of customizing the packaging.


Pairs per day


We are specialized in private label tights production. We provide a significant number of machines that is capable of producing and delivering tights on time.